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Our Vineyard

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Revana Family’s vineyard management philosophy is based on quality and sustainability. Attention to detail in the vineyard, low yields and the exclusive use of organic compounds for vine nutrients and pest control result in wines of great quality and a vineyard that will provide the highest quality grapes for many generations.

Planted in 1998, the Revana Family vineyard is comprised of nine separate blocks totaling nine acres. There are seven blocks planted with Cabernet Sauvignon clones, one block of Cabernet Franc and one block of Petit Verdot. Clone 337 and Clone 7 were selected for Cabernet Sauvignon. Clone 332 of Cabernet Franc and Clone 2 of Petit Verdot were specifically chosen to provide layers of complexity in the finished wine.

The vineyard blocks have different soil characteristics and are planted with a carefully selected array of grape clones and rootstocks. To preserve the unique qualities of the blocks, they are farmed and vinified separately. A combination of close spacing, deep gravelly soils and exacting farming keep the vineyard at low yields of less than four tons-per-acre.

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